The two most important first steps are making a decision as to which manufactured brand to own and which company to purchase from. It is strongly recommended to choose a brand and a retailer that is a trusted member of the International Hot Tub Association due to the stringent membership requirements that must be adhered to.

Choosing the Manufactured Brand:

  1. SAFETY STANDARDS: Make certain that the hot tub you are choosing meets the UL 1563 required safety standard as a completed factory built hot tub. Most Asian manufactured hot tubs and many domestic models do not meet this critical standard. Don’t be fooled by those that claim it is adequate to simply have individual components UL listed; it will not protect you if a problem arises.
  2. COMPONENTS: Research the quality of the most critical components which will determine the longevity of your spa along with the efficiency and ease of maintenance. Components to research are; Spa Shell, Internal Frame, Exterior Cabinet Material, Heater, Pumps, Blower (if desired), Type of Filtration System, Insulation, and Cover. The Spa Shell is the most critical component since all other components can be easily replaced if they should fail.
  3. COST OF OPERATION: Make certain the model you choose has met the industry energy standards. Most Asian manufactured hot tubs and many domestic models do not meet these requirements. The method and type of insulation, the quality of the cover, and type of energy saving components will assist in making your hot tubs energy efficient.
  4. EASE OF MAINTENANCE: A hot tub designed for easy maintenance will save you time and money. Today many manufacturers make available automatic purification systems that lessen the frequency and amount of chemicals required and minimize the frequency of draining and refilling your hot tub. Make certain where you install your hot tub that there is easy access to servicing the internal components, this will save you money in the future when and if your hot tub needs to be repaired.
  5. WARRANTY: The length of the warranty is not as important as the company that builds the hot tub and/or the company you are buying from. A good rule of thumb is to question whether these companies have been in business for at least the number of years they are providing for in the warranty.
Choosing the Best Company to Purchase From:

  1. LOCAL RETAILER: The benefit of buying from a local retailer is that you often can see the hot tub you are buying on display. Some retailers even make it available for you to test the hot tub before making a decision to purchase. The primary benefit of buying from a local dealer that specializes in hot tubs is they usually are knowledgeable in answering your questions and providing guidance on installation, usage, maintenance, and service. Important questions to ask:
    1. How long have they been in business and how long have they sold the brand you are interested in owning. Stay away from dealers that consistently change the brands they sell.
    2. Do they provide service throughout the entire year? Winter months could pose problems that need to be resolved without having to delay.
    3. Are they willing to come to your home to provide a site inspection?
    4. Did they answer your questions adequately?
    5. DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURER: The benefit of buying from the manufacturer is the assurance that they will be able to thoroughly answer questions about the product. And sometimes provide a more attractive price point. Important questions to ask:
      1. How long have they been in business?
      2. Is service and delivery available in your area?
      3. Are they a trusted member in good standing with the IHTA?
      4. MASS MERCHANT: A number of mass merchants have ventured into the hot tub industry encouraging some domestic manufacturers to develop less expensive products making pricing more attractive or to reach out to foreign manufacturer who currently build cheap products, making available less expensive price points for you. These products may not carry the same level of construction and could cause higher operating costs and more frequent service calls. Many mass merchants have a history of changing hot tub suppliers frequently making access to parts and service not as easy as working directly with the manufacturer or via an approved local dealer.
      5. INTERNET: Beware buying from the internet, especially if it is a company that has does not have a solid reputation and a member in good standing with the IHTA. Any company that does not provide you with a phone number that you can easily call or an address that can be visited should not be considered for buying a product like a hot tub that may require service and customer support. There have been many unfortunate stories of people providing deposits to these types (shadow) companies where there deposits were lost and the product was never received or the product arrived different than intended.
While you embark on the search for the right hot tub for you, there are a number of details to take into account. Before you can drop into the comforting hot water to unwind after a long day at the office, the spa needs to be purchase and installed, up and running. Let's get you there as smoothly as we can. As you look into the numerous options you have when shopping for a hot tub, you should first start with your budget. No sense in exploring selections that are way more than your budget.

What is The True Costs Of a Spa?

So let's now factor in the cost of the outdoor spa. The real cost. The cost of a Cal Spas hot tub is beyond the sale price - always. Before anything else, definitely, consider the cost of the purchase of the tub. Also before you can fire it up, you need a place to put it. You also have to consider the cost of the pad or platform. Will you need to level the area? Will you need to contract experts or enlist the help of buddies? And don't disregard a way to get to your tub. Will you need to pay for steps or have them made? You'll have to probably do the job yourself or hire an expert for this job. Don't forget to factor in the cost of hiring an electrician to do the electrical service needed to get your Cal Spas hot tub going. And when the Cal Spas is cranking, you need to keep it clean, sanitary and functioning, so do not forget chemical cost and maintenance cost. Ah, how swiftly those numbers accumulate. Once you know the real cost, you can establish your budget and begin the journey of selecting your perfect hot tub ... perfect for you.

Let's Consider Your Budget for a Cal Spas

Is it really affordable for you ? Keep your eyes wide open. If you spend all your money on the tub itself, but can't set it up properly, what's the point? If you invest it all on tub and set up, but just can't pay for maintenance and chemicals, it's like owning a breathtaking, huge boat but can't take it out because you can't afford to put gas. In order to completely enjoy your portable spa and to benefit from all it has to offer your lifestyle, make sure you account for the total cost. You'll feel peace of mind sinking your tired body into an energizing spa knowing that it's all paid for.

Now it's Time to Consider the Type of Portable Hot Tub

Now that you know your budget line items, it's time to determine what to search for when selecting the type of hot tub you will buy. Are you on the market for a permanent spa? This type of tub can be more efficient, but can often be one of the most costly. Maybe a portable hot tub is the right one for you. Portable hot tubs are self-contained free-standing units that can be moved if needed. Or perhaps you are seeking a soft hot tub that is easily put together and moved. This is one of the first decisions you need to make in your buying process.

About Cal Spas
Cal Spa  is Southern California's premier spa and hot tub manufacturer. We started our business in 1979 and our reputation for offering superior products and service is well earned. If you are in the market for the perfect  portable hot tub  for you and your family, please visit our website at
So, you wish to have a Portable Spa? A spot to loosen up immediately after a drawn out, stressful day. A place to relieve those strained muscles. Ah, you could practically feel the hydrotherapy working already. There are plenty of good reasons one would wish to get a hot tub. Let's take a look at a few of such reasons, and explore where you fall. It could help you determine what kind of hot tub you want. You need to make certain you pick the most ideal portable spa for you, your needs, your estimated expenses and your daily life.

To Relax In A Hot Tub

One good reason to get a hot tub is for the sheer pleasure of it. Regardless if you plan to use it when hosting good friends or just for your own entertainment, a spa is a fantastic way to enjoy an evening. If this is why you want to have a hot tub, think of how you might use it. Would it be solely you and your significant other? Or will you ask others over? And if you invite close friends, will it be a few of the fellas? Another couple? A few girls over for a girls' night? Or will you like to be able to invite more? Knowing this will let you decide on the number of seats you will want in your new portable spa. Also, where would you set the hot tub? Location of the tub will need to be taken into account if you are having friends over. You won't want to make people trudge across the landscape through the frosty air or in the snow. Consider how many steps do they need to take in the elements to get into the outdoor spa? If your outdoor hot tub has convenient access, you will use it and indulge in it more.

Cal Spas Hot Tubs for Hydrotherapy

Throbing back? Tender muscles? Health reasons are regularly mentioned when purchasing a Cal Spa. Perhaps you suffer from back problems. Maybe aching muscles trouble you. Hydrotherapy can melt away the discomfort from those pounding and tired muscles. Maybe you have a very arduous job and need a retreat from all that. Relaxing in a portable spa is a wonderful way to get far from the busy-ness of day-to-day life. Has your doctor recommended Cal Spas use to help you manage a healthy lifestyle? How often would you use your outdoor spa to aid with these? Perhaps you have to use your portable spa each day for physical treatment. All these and more are good reasons for the purchase and use of a Cal Spas. Recognizing precisely why you want to purchase a hot tub will help you shorten the many choices and options available to you.

Hot Tubbing as a Way to Relieve Stress

Do you have kids? Little ones are terrific, but they demand lots of attention and energy. School, sports, home work, buddies, baby diapers, timeouts, outbursts, lunch time, shower time, and so much more come along with those adorable faces and precious hugs. At the end of the day, mom or dads need to have an escape. Dad and Mom require some time together alone! Are you up to your eyeballs in family matters? Perhaps that's the reason why you are looking at spas-- a wonderful, relaxing spot to find one another right after the little ones go to bed. Revel in some kid-free time to catch up with your spouse and reminisce why you started this crazy life together. Having a backyard sanctuary so readily available for you and your wife to use can help relieve the stresses of parenting away as you relish the hydrotherapy together. Let the water massage away the pressures that have been growing all day letting yourself to be soothed and loosen the troubles of the day away.

How Often will you Use Your Hot Tub Spa?

Think of how often you will use your hot tub. Every single day? Saturday or sundays only? Once a month? Once you begin to envision this, be realistic. Where will you fit spa time within your schedule? Ah, merely imagining it, makes me want to say ... no, yell - daily! Yet perhaps that's not likely in your daily life with your commanding schedule. You have work, travel, children, sports, homework, dance recitals, and so much more. But maybe, just maybe, you can steal some time in daily to that sanctuary of pleasure that you have decided to spend in right in your own back yard. If it's something you will use every day or most days, picture the investment you intend to make into a specific product that will impact your life each and every day. It will be really worth it to make certain it's the absolute best fit for you, your lifestyle and your needs.

About Cal Spas

Cal Spas
is Southeastern California's premier spa and hot tub manufacturer. We started our business in 1979 and our reputation for offering superior products and service is well earned.
Imagine yourself relaxing on a quiet, peaceful evening with a glass of wine in your hand, in your very own hot tub. You are in your own world! The hot tub is necessary these days to help us release stress after a long day of physical and mental activities. Weather you are looking for a high-end spa or a more basic model, there are a few factors to be taken into consideration when deciding which hot tub to purchase.

When deciding which hot tub is good for you and your family, the most important factor is the size of your family. Cal Spas offers different product lines to accommodate everyone’s needs from the Genesis Select, Aqua Select, Zone Select, Connect Select, Escape Select, Platinum Select, Diamond Select, Fitness, Swim Spas, Grand Select and Designer Select. Aside from seating capacity you will want to consider the number of jets contained in the unit, especially if you are purchasing the hot tub for therapeutic reasons. If you are purchasing the spa mainly for recreation, a Cal Spas bench-seating spa may be the one for you.

The cost of the hot tub is probably the most important factor for most of us. On one hand, you will want your hot to be as affordable. On the other hand, you will want to ensure that it contains adequate features to maximize enjoyment for you and your family. Rest assured that with a Cal Spas hot tub you are backed by their Industry Leading 10 Year Warranty. 

Choosing the right hot tub that can satisfy your family needs can be both fun and not-so-fun. But with Cal Spas’ line of hot tubs you can easily find that perfect spa that fit your family budget, size, features and the warranty that will ensure that your purchase provides enjoyment for years to come.