Yes it is safe for kids, but you must follow these tips:

Hurdling in the spa might be an amazing way to gather the wife and kids together and relax at the end of the working day, however if you have children, health and safety is definitely a concern. To ensure kids' well-being, I've brought together some terrific recommendations and reminders.

Secure the Site

Most parents, with children who are too young to understand the possible dangers of water, elect to construct an enclosure around their portable hot tub area. Setting up a fence plus a self closing gate can ensure that your kid will not get inside or close to your Cal Spas portable spa without having your permission and supervision. A gated location is similarly fantastic for when the portable spa cover is not on.

If building a fence is not reasonable for your finances or the amount of space you have around your portable hot tub, acquiring a locking cover for your portable hot tub is the next best measure.

If you decide on the hot tub cover over a gated area, confirm that your daughter or sons know that as strong as portable hot tub covers may seem, playing on them is not safe.

Chaperon Children continually

An accident could take place in seconds. If your young one is using the portable spa ensure that you are consistently and closely watching over them. Regardless of your young children's swimming skill level, there are many other factors that could produce an accident. KidsHealth.org often recommends staying close enough to your daughter or son to make available what people call "touch supervision" meaning always keeping your young children at an arms length while hot tubbing.

Lower the Heat

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission son or daughters should not get into portable spas over 95F and should be in the tub no longer than 5-10 minutes. It is also not recommended that small children under 5 years of age use the portable hot tub. Before your children enters the spa, check out the temperature, turn it down if it is too hot, and give it time to cool down before your boy or girl enters.

Tip: Keep your kids hydrated while utilizing the tub, replenish them with water in a plastic mug or water bottle and remind them to drink it!

Speak With Your Kids about Responsible Portable Spa Use.

A list of points you may choose to review with your young ones before they jump in the portable hot tub. Make certain they recognize the threats connected with carelessness in or around the portable spa.

  • Kids should not fully submerge themselves in the water.
  • Take care to not allow hair or clothing to become too close to drains.
  • In an electronic day and age, see to it that your young one knows not to carry any electrical appliances into or around the spa.
  • No running, pushing, or shenanigans close to or in the hot tub.

If an Emergency Does Transpire, Be Prepared.

The truth of it is accidents do take place. Incase of a hazard it is always good to have a working plan.

  • Take a CPR seminar.
  • Know how to shut off all power to the hot tub.
  • Purchase a first aid kid specifically to be kept near your hot tub.

You can also take the steps to prevent an accident by:
  • Putting down slip resistant mats around the hot tub.
  • Installing federally-compliant drain covers.